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Welcome to, the smart source of games for websites. Whether you're a professional Webmaster or a novice, GameInaCan can work for you. Do you want to increase the stickyness of your site and up your number of repeat and new visitors, all by adding fun, interactive content? Game in a Can is for you!

What is Game In a Can?

Game in a Can is a self-contained shockwave based set of casino games for websites with built in chat and a back-end points system. It is fully customized for your websites.

What games are included?

Currently we feature slots, blackjack, video poker and craps. We will continuously be adding new games, which will be automatically included in your 'can' as soon as they are ready. You wont have to upgrade ever. We also occasionally feature event-driven themed games for websites - for example, sites with game in a can will feature a World Cup slots game for the duration of the 2002 world cup competition.

Why would you want it?

What are the answers to the following questions? Do your visitors stay for extended periods of time? Do they see exactly what they're looking for when you enter your site? Do your visitors come back often? Do they tell their friends about your site?

All of these things can happen with's integrated games suite with built in chat. If your visitors like to message with their friends while online, they will bring along friends with similar interests to your site. When you add free games to your website with an integrated chat feature, and point collection that brings people back, you'll see how essential GameInaCan is to your website. Free games for websites have never been this easy to put up and turn into pure profit.

  • It's very sticky content, with high quality games.
  • You get ALL of the advertising space and complete customizability. It will look just like it's another part of your site
  • You get return visitors who want to chat with friends and build their points up.
  • You don't have to do anything but paste a bit of html into your site

I've already got free games for my websites, why yours?

High quality games, addition of good ad real-estate, sticky additions with the chat and points back-end, definite increase in returned visitors. Points from blackjack can be taken and spent on video poker or slots. All of these features are yours for free when you add free games to your site from GameInaCan will continuously improve its product, like new and better games for your websites, and as we do, you don't need to change a thing. Just log in one day and there will be more games!

If webmasters get all of the advertising, what's in it for

We share the e-mails you collect. You get a copy, and we get a copy. That's all there is to it.

No site is too large, no site is too small, don't hesitate to get in touch today! To sign up just click on the 'Sign up today' link to the left.

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